Barcelona Private and Tailored Tour & Itinerary
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Barcelona Local Itinerary

Your Idea Is Mine And My City Is Yours

Experience a new way to discover Barcelona; in a city full of tours, Barcelona Local Itinerary offers something different: bespoke. Just tell me your tastes and how long you will be in city, and I will map out your trip in order that Barcelona will atmosphere you.

As my friends who come to visit me, I will show you things that only interest you, let me know your desires and what you want to discover and you will walk on the most charming streets of Barcelona. If you don’t have any idea, just tell me something about you and I will mix all those personal information to create an entertaining and unique experience.

I will design a tailored itinerary fitting perfectly to your wishes and your eagerness to discover Barcelona including lunch/dinner places and maps so you will never get lost because I will tell and show you the nice streets that you will have to walk.

A shopping day of local things (art, food, cloth...), a discovery day of modernist architectures, a history day from the 1st century B.C... There are plenty of things to do in Barcelona so just let me know your dream and I will convert it in reality.

If you are a person who likes to have fun during the night, I will include cocktail places and nightclubs for a Barcelona by Night. Your experience will be a personal, local and personalized itinerary blending totally with the Barcelona’s atmosphere.

In the other hand, my Barcelona Itineraries Books are very good options, with 44 original itineraries, you will miss nothing. And as souvenir, don't forget my Panorama Pictures of Barcelona.



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